LogoGrab is Now VISUA

LogoGrab is Now VISUA

Those familiar with LogoGrab will have noticed that things have changed around here. Yes, LogoGrab is now VISUA! 

The new brand name reflects the increased features developed as we transition from a company offering best-in-class logo and mark detection to a Visual-AI company containing a full suite of technologies to meet the growing demand for automation in visual processing in a number of sectors. We have been steadily introducing new and innovative ways to utilise Visual-AI. In addition to our market-leading Logo Detection technology, we have added Visual Search, Text Detection, Object & Scene Detection and Custom Object Detection.

“Logo and mark detection is at the core of everything we do and has served us well in the last few years,” begins VISUA CEO Luca Boschin, “but we saw that the opportunity is exponentially larger when we plugged in other technologies alongside the core brand detection. This rebrand is so much more than a change of name. It allows us to very accurately reflect the diversification of our offering and our messaging. This is the brand that takes us into the next 10 years and states very clearly our position as global leaders in Visual-AI.”

Image showing full capabilities of LogoGrab/VISUA's full functionality

These technologies are reigniting what’s possible in the areas of Brand Monitoring, Brand Protection & Product Authentication. From counterfeit detection to hologram authentication, social media monitoring to broadcast TV insights & sports sponsorship monitoring to digital piracy tracking, our Visual-AI is enabling new ways to analyse, inform and enhance. This means it’s not just an exciting time for us but for the companies we partner with too. 

“I am so proud of the work we have achieved over the last two years.” Says Alessandro Prest, CTO of VISUA, “We have expanded from a core logo detection offering to a suite of technologies that added object and scene detection, custom object detection, visual search and text detection. When combined with logo detection, platforms, market places, specialist service providers and creative agencies have all the critical tools required to meet even the most advanced brand protection, authentication, monitoring, and promotion needs.”

Customers will still have the same top quality experience from VISUA as they did with LogoGrab, only better. And, of course, the same dedicated team is here to support them. With VISUA comes innovation, so we’ll strive more than ever to deliver new and exciting ways for you to utilize Visual-AI in your day-to-day work. 

Browse our website to learn more about all that’s on offer with VISUA and feel free to reach out to us a [email protected] should you have any questions.  


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