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This category contains articles that relate to the trademark and copyright protection industry in general and the benefits of implementing Computer Vision for this task.

Computer Vision enhances the process of detecting and blocking infringements by automating the detection of elements in visual media (images and videos), at scale, that would indicate possible trademark or copyright infringements. The use of logo detection, text detection, object detection  and visual search allows the monitoring of brand and product elements, and also text burnt into the visuals.

Visual-AI Helps GearLaunch Increase Legal Compliance & Revenues

GearLaunch wanted to reduce the risk of intellectual property infringement caused by sellers using potentially protected content. Discover how VISUA’s powerful and flexible Visual-AI helped meet these challenges AND increase revenues!

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It’s Amazing What’s Possible With Visual-AI For Trademark & Copyright Protection

Reading Time: 2 minutes Your Trademark & Copyright Protection Solution Powered By Best-In-Class Enterprise Visual-AI Protecting your brand and products is not only key for established […]

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