Logo Detection and Mark Recognition

Instant And Powerful Logo Detection For Platforms & Specialist Providers

Reliable Logo Detection:
the signal you were missing

Our original flagship technology is at the core of our offering. Logo Detection and Mark Recognition is one of the most valuable and sought-after visual signals. With VISUA you’ll finally get the scale, precision and flexibility the market demands.

Depiction of logo detection on sports shoes

Unprecedented flexibility

Choose from a vast library of existing logos and marks, or self-activate any new logo or mark in less than a minute, at the highest levels of detection. With VISUA, training data and lead times are a thing of the past.

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Icons representing logo detection in visual media types
Any Visual Media

Supports the detection of logos in Images, video and GIFs.

Icons representing logo detection of differing media resolutions
Any Media Resolution

Supports any resolution of source media, from low-res to 4K.

Icon representing logo detection target resolution
Any Target Resolution

Detect logos as small as 0.01% of the full image size.

Icon representing logo detection matching tolerance
Matching Tolerance

Choose to detect only exact matches, (ideal for brand monitoring applications) or include close matches and loose lookalikes of brands and marks, (ideal for trademark infringement monitoring).

Icon representing logo detection occlusion tolerance
Occlusion Tolerance

The level of sensitivity to obscured brands/marks can be chosen. Allows detection from zero occlusion (fully visible) to high occlusion (highly obscured or cropped).

Icon representing logo detection reporting intelligence

Choose whether to receive basic binary present/not present for your detections or advanced intelligence, such as size in frame, position in frame, share of voice, time on screen (for video), etc.

Icon representing logo detection perspective tolerance
Perspective Tolerance

Allows you to determine the sensitivity to perspective/tilt, from zero tolerance (zero degrees) to high tolerance (up to 70 degrees).

Icon representing logo detection placement recognition
Placement Recognition

Identify the type of object a brand or mark appears on, such as the type of signage, different product packaging or an item of sportswear.

Icon representing logo detection processing time
Processing Time

The processing response time can be set to meet any use case and business need. From batched reports to real-time processing of live streams.

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