Visual Product Authentication For Brand Protection Providers

Block illicit trade from source to consumption

Simple, effective, visual product authentication tool for agents and consumers.

Distribution channels are more at risk than ever

The massive growth in online sales has also fuelled the growth in counterfeit and grey-market sales. Brands need solutions that can stop this illicit trade, but are also cost-effective and allow authentication throughout the supply chain, all the way to the consumer. VISUA delivers an accurate and scalable solution for visual authentication that includes holograms, labels, tax stamps, packaging and product ID.

Production authentication in supply chain risk analysis

Visual-AI for easy authentication, at any point

Built on a proprietary technology stack specifically architected to deliver fast, accurate and simple authentication of products by anyone. Our Visual-AI system works with consumer devices and requires zero training in the field. This is not a dream, but technology that is already working, market-ready, and trusted by some of the world’s leading product authentication solution providers.

Hologram for product authentication shown on cosmetic product and box

Integrate now, within existing distribution processes

VISUA’s unique and advanced visual authentication technology is built for integration into any consumer device, software application, and platform. Integration is easy and fast; available as-a-service or on-premise. Our visual authentication AI is like no other you’ll have used or seen – so, reach out to discover what Visual-AI can do for you.

Authenticating hologram on product with app
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Security Foils, Labels & Tax Stamps


Product Packaging


Product ID



Counterfeiters will attempt to replicate holograms, which can fool the human eye. But VISUA technology can detect a fake hologram in seconds.

Hologram for product authentication shown on server hard disk

Security Foils, Labels & Tax Stamps

Easier to counterfeit than holograms, fake security foils, labels and tax stamps can fool even the best trained individuals in the field. But it can’t fool our Visual-AI.

Product authentication image with vodka bottle holograph

Product Packaging

Counterfeiters will create packaging that is a close match, or an almost exact match, for genuine packaging.Our Visual-AI can be used to detect these fakes.

Product Authentication for the pharmaceutical industry

Product ID

Counterfeiters will try anything to fake a product. Like putting a genuine logo on a generic product, or products that are virtually identical to genuine versions. Using our Visual-AI, virtually any product can be validated just from its ID.

Depicting the elements that can be used to authenticate genuine product packaging based on ID and key elements

“VISUA is a delight to work with. They approached our use case with technology that worked, a proactive approach to deep-diving all issues, and a willingness to be nimble and adjust to our needs on the fly.”

Global Program Manager
Counterfeit Detection and Prevention


Trusted by the world's leading platforms, marketplaces and agencies

Integrate Visual-AI Into Your Platform

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