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Ad intelligence 2.0

Deliver the missing critical visual insights from online, broadcast and print advertising – and unlock meaningful competitor analysis.

Ad monitoring at scale – Impossible for humans…
and anyone but VISUA

Delivering accurate and complete ad intelligence, especially for granular competitor analysis, is really hard. Too big for humans and too complex for other machine-based analysis. It’s why nobody has been able to deliver it – until now.

Ad Monitoring regional news. Charlotte Observer webpage with capital ad

Visual-AI that handles the scale your clients need

VISUA solved this problem by developing a proprietary Visual-AI stack with three key innovations. Firstly, the ability to detect ads within content in static and video media. Secondly, the ability to classify and categorise those ads. Thirdly, and most importantly, the ability to instantly learn any logo/mark, with zero training required.

Ad detection - online ad detection
Signal Outcome
1  Custom Object Detection learn more > Identification of ADs vs. general imagery
2  Logo / Mark Detection learn more > “Capital Chrysler” assigned AD ownership
Competitor AD spend identified

Any market, any media, any volume: it’s now possible

The ability for VISUA’s Ad Monitoring Visual-AI to process at massive scale, plus its broad scope and flexibility enables previously impossible applications. Ad monitoring companies can now initiate campaigns within hours even down to a small, local level, for extremely granular insights. Crucially, the ability to tie together brands and campaigns across all channels, media, and markets, means complete and holistic competitor ad intelligence reports can be created for the first time.

Depiction of ad monitoring platform highlighting competitor ad spend trends extracted by Visual-AI
Think you can build it yourself?
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Web Ads

icon to indicate web ad detection

Social Ads

blue icon to show social media ads


Blue Icon for Ad Monitoring


offline print media blue icon

Web Ads

Web advertising is, by nature, both granular and affordable. Brands and retailers take advantage of this, tailoring localised messaging and promoting local dealers/sellers to run promotions. But, web ads come in many sizes and formats, both within and around content, complicating the challenges of monitoring ads. VISUA solves all these issues and delivers the insights you need, no matter the granularity.

Ad monitoring use case showing ads on website

Social Ads

Native advertising blends with content by design, but it’s a key channel for advertising and is accessible by small brands. Furthermore, influencers and celebrities blur the lines between advertising and organic content. But VISUA’s cutting-edge Visual-AI stack can detect, categorise and report on all forms of social advertising.

Social Media Ad Monitoring

Broadcast / Streaming

Reporting on broadcast and streaming competitor advertising can be one of the most challenging areas, but not when you have Visual-AI by VISUA integrated in your ad monitoring platform.

Ad Monitoring on broadcast media

Print / Offline

Is it an AD or is it just an image within the editorial? What should we scan for processing? Stop asking these questions. Scan it all and let VISUA tell you, along with key intelligence on brands, products and messaging.

Depiction of ad detection of print advertising

“We were, and are, unrivalled in delivering analysis and insights for broadcast media monitoring. But we were being requested more and more for insights from visual brand mentions. We began testing various solutions and VISUA were better than all the rest by far. From the first engagement to the assistance they provided during integration, the team is as good as the tech they provide. Nobody could come close to their accuracy, adaptability and scalability.”

David Ives

CEO & Founder


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