Visual Trademark/Copyright Search & Protection for Platforms & Specialist Providers

Eliminate copyright and trademark infringement lawsuits

Fully automated detection of misused protected content.

Manual search and removal: it just won’t scale

Trademark and copyright owners increasingly strive to protect their visual content from infringers and bad actors. Whether you’re a platform operator that wants to avoid lawsuits or a service provider that wants to deliver a comprehensive search and protection service, relying on humans alone is not the answer. Visual-AI is the only reliable and flexible solution to solve the challenge of searching, reviewing and reporting on visual content that infringes protected copyrights or trademarks at scale.

Copyright Compliance – Manual removal just won’t scale

Visual-AI built for platforms at scale

VISUA has developed a dedicated and proprietary technology stack focused on delivering visual copyright/trademark search and protection capabilities at scale. No buzzwords or impossible promises, only results that are trusted by some of the leading platforms and companies in the world.

Depicting a t-shirt with copyright and trademark infringing design
Signal Outcome
1  Logo / Mark Detection learn more > Stranger Things logo: trademark infringement
2 Visual Search learn more > Stranger Things artwork: copyright infringement
Infringing item, automated removal.

Integrate trademark and copyright search & removal today

Our comprehensive API makes integrating our technology easy and fast. Unique use cases are also no problem thanks to the flexibility of our technology and team. Our AI for trademark and copyright search & protection is like no other you’ll have used or seen – so, reach out to discover what Visual-AI can do for you.

Depicting a detection of copyright and trademark infringing design on t-shirt
Think you can build it yourself?
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Logos & Marks


Protected Artwork

blue icon artwork tradmark protection


blue icon to show photography and image capture

Product ID

product identity blue icon

Logos & Marks

Identify unlicensed use of logos, iconography and other brand marks with an exact match search or include close matches to find misuse and abuse of logos that could cause brand safety issues.

Copyright compliance, Adidas trademark breach detected

Protected Artwork

From brand artwork, to movie, TV and artist imagery, exact reproduction to derivative works can all be identified.

Peppa Pig Copyright Compliance with Visual-AI

Brand & Product Photography

Brands spend a lot of money on producing quality brand and product assets, such as product photography, only for it to be used by counterfeiters and unlicensed sellers. Identify and stop its unlicensed use with ease.

Copyright compliance - apple airpods

Product ID

Successful product IDs can cost millions to develop and generate hundreds of millions in revenue. Protect these distinctive IDs by identifying exact and closely matching unlicensed and infringing products.

Depicting a detection of copyright infringement from roduct ID

“VISUA’s technology has been critical in allowing us to protect ourselves from sellers infringing on brand copyright or trademarks. The speed and accuracy of VISUA’s Visual-AI and the ease of implementation of their API has been outstanding. We can now truly say that our marketplace protects brands from counterfeit products and IP infringements thanks to VISUA.”

Jared Hunsaker

VP of Operations


Trusted by the world's leading platforms, marketplaces and agencies

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