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Consumers communicate with images and video. Uncover 1,000+% more brand insights than text analysis alone.

Humans are visual:
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Content created today is visual, either as images, video or both. Locked in that media are valuable brand and consumer insights. Visual signals deliver >1,000% more brand mentions than tracking through text alone. Only VISUA’s Visual-AI is  reliable, flexible and scalable enough to unlock this visual content at scale.

Brand Monitoring – Humans are Visual

built for platforms at scale

VISUA has developed a proprietary technology stack focused on identifying visual brand mentions at the scale and precision the market increasingly demands. No buzzwords or impossible promises, only results that are trusted by some of the leading brand monitoring, social media monitoring and brand insights platforms.

Brand monitoring with picture showing head and shoulders social media post
Signal Outcome
1  Logo / Mark Detection learn more > “Head & Shoulders”: above average detections including below signals
2  Object / Scene Detection learn more > Shampoo Bottle
3  Visual Search learn more > Pirate, Man, Dreadlocks, Bandana
4  Text Detection learn more > “Before”, “After”
Meme Trending. Alert content manager. 

Deliver meaningful insights today

You have the data and we can give you the technology to easily extract the insights that matter to your customers today. Forget what you think you know about AI for brand monitoring. Integrating our technology is easy and fast, so reach out to discover what Visual-AI can do for you.

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The need for brand monitoring is varied:
  • Understand consumer sentiment
  • Gauge brand engagement
  • Discover product use insights
  • Campaign planning/reporting
  • Reputation management
  • Crisis management
  • Identify influencers
  • Trademark protection

The channels and media will also vary but the common thread is the visual signal, that allows own brand monitoring as well as competitor analysis.

Social Media Monitoring

icon social media monitoring

News & PR Monitoring

PR Monitoring icon

Broadcast Monitoring

icon broadcast monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

User-generated content is a goldmine of brand intelligence. Deliver a deep understanding of consumer sentiment that includes brand exposure, context and embedded text analysis.

Use Case – Brand Monitoring

News & PR Monitoring

Monitoring text mentions in printed media is simple, but what if you want to identify the number of visual brand mentions alongside the thousands of text mentions? Additionally, how do you identify visual mentions and extract embedded text in visually-focused news media? Visual-AI makes it easy to discover and categorise this visual exposure.

Use Case – News & PR Monitoring

Broadcast Monitoring

Brands can appear in all forms of broadcast and streaming media. VISUA’s Visual-AI technology can analyse video streams and identify all visual mentions of brands, the context of the mention and any associated embedded text.

Brand Monitoring Visual-AI for Platforms

“VISUA delivers key Visual-AI technologies that have allowed us to significantly expand our offering. We can now deliver previously inaccessible visual insights to meet the evolving demands of our customers. We researched this area extensively, and VISUA delivered the most accurate data and also the most scalable to our growing needs.”

Phill Agnew

Director of Product Marketing


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