Counterfeit Detection for Platforms & Marketplaces

Leave counterfeiters nowhere to hide

Visual detection of counterfeit products online at scale, so you can stop them before they ship.

Product Imagery: a key counterfeit detection signal

Counterfeiters exploit product images to evade detection and thrive. It’s where they hide brand information and product details, among other key attributes. VISUA’s Counterfeit Detection technology, based on our world-leading Visual-AI stack, is the only solution that’s specifically designed for platforms and marketplaces. It is flexible and scalable enough to meet every application, and accurately detects all forms of visual counterfeit promotion techniques.

Counterfeit Detection – The missing visual signal

Visual AI
that actually works

We have built a unique and proprietary technology stack focused on getting real problems solved at scale. No buzzwords or false promises, only results that actually work, and a solution that is trusted by some of the leading marketplaces and counterfeit detection platforms.

Counterfeit detection with Visual-AI - Angel perfume bottle
Signal Outcome
1  Logo / Mark Detection learn more > Thierry Mangler, Angel: Recommended Retail Price “$90”
2  Custom Object Detection learn more > 100ML bottle design not matching reference specifications
3  Visual Search learn more > Box design not matching reference specifications
4  Text Detection learn more > Product price-range, description and volume don’t match specifications
Fake, Remove item

Simple integration, right now…

Integrating our technology is easy and fast. Is your use case unique? No problem. Guess what? Every project is unique and we value understanding your needs and meeting your specific goals. Forget what you think you know about AI in counterfeit detection and reach out to discover what Visual-AI can do for you.

Depiction of a product confirmed as counterfeit using Visual-AI
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exploit blue icon

Passing off





counterfeit blue icon


Also known as ‘Brand Confusion’

The unauthorised use of branding on products that are not related to (are outside of) the brand’s usual product offering.

Counterfeit Detection, VW phone case unauthorised

Passing off

Also known as ‘Unfair Competition’

The adaptation of a brand or brand-related marks, on related products (products similar to those that the genuine brand sells) or unrelated products (products that are outside of the brand’s usual product offering), with the intention to trick/confuse.

Example counterfeit product with adapted branding to pass-off as genuine: identified using Visual-AI


Also known as ‘Counterfeit Similar Products’

The unauthorised use of branding on related but non-identical products (products similar to those that the genuine brand sells, but not in the configuration or volume advertised).

Angel perfume counterfeit detection of similar product


Also known as ‘Counterfeit Identical Products’

The exact unauthorised copying of a product and its branding with the intention of exploiting buyers into purchasing what they think is the genuine item.

Counterfeit detection for platforms - Designer handbag

“VISUA is a delight to work with. They approached our use case with technology that worked, a proactive approach to deep-diving all issues, and a willingness to be nimble and adjust to our needs on the fly.”

Global Program Manager

Counterfeit Detection and Prevention


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