Hologram Authentication

Accurate, Fast and Simple Validation Of Holograms For Brand Protection and Product Authentication Specialists

Securing Products Just Got More Secure

Holograms have become the authentication/validation device of choice for genuine products manufacturers. But they’ve become so ubiquitous that bad actors started counterfeiting them to confuse consumers as well as genuine actors in the supply chain.

Now Visual-AI enables a fast and simple way to authenticate genuine holograms in seconds, not only hardening the supply chain, but enabling a meaningful way for brands and product providers to engage consumers and track fakes wherever they appear.

Hologram for product authentication shown on server hard disk

Simple and accurate authentication anywhere

VISUA delivers authentication of any type of hologram, from the world’s most complex holograms to simpler embossed holograms. It delivers automated authentication that simply works and that you can rely on, wherever you are and on virtually any recent generation smartphone device. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-device, to operate unconnected, but with smart features that make authentication as easy as point and click!

Authenticating hologram on product with app


How long does validation take?

Our technology has developed in a way that allows users to validate holograms within seconds.

What is point and click authentication?

We understand that in order for hologram authentication to be deployed across the supply chain it has to be as easy as possible to use. 

Our point and click authentication is exactly what it sounds like; users can simple point their device at the label they want to verify and click making it simple and intuitive. 

Where in the supply chain can holographic authentication be used?

VISUA’s Holographic Authentication Engine can be used by anyone at any point in the supply chain, thanks to our point and click authentication capabilities.

What type of authentication marks can it work on?

Our holographic authentication can validate hologram stickers, security foils, labels and tax stamps.

What is holographic authentication, specifically related to computer vision?

Holographic authentication enabled by computer vision allows for a more exact and reliable authentication of products that use security foils and hologram stickers among other holographic authentication methods. The engine delivers the most accurate, fast and scalable detections across all authentication label types.

Is WiFi required to validate holograms?

Not at all! Our API allows your app or device to work without wifi, and best of all it automatically syncs and back up with your server as soon as the device connects to WiFi again. 

Will we be alerted of any updates to the technology?

Even better! When an update is released, VISUA  delivers model updates directly to the application automatically each time it’s opened when the device is online.

Can holographic authentication work in dark rooms or at night?

Yes! VISUA developed a Smart Capture feature because we know that operatives work in both light and dark environments. Smart Capture ensures that the validation process is always flawless by automatically adjusting exposure, focus and flash levels for optimal authentication, day or night, bright or dark.

What industry is your holographic authentication API suited to?

Holographic authentication can be used in any industry which deems it necessary to include security foils, stamps or labels on their products for validation. These industries might include pharmaceutical, technology, government (currency, tax stamps), sports merchandise and luxury goods, but this list is non-exhaustive.

How much does your Holographic Authentication API usage cost?

In contrast to other computer vision solutions that provide a one-size-fits-all offering, VISUA does not have a standard price list. This is for a very logical reason – There are many factors and combinations of settings that define the final cost for each customer. Our Visual-AI (Computer Vision) solutions are very flexible in this regard so that the final implementation not only meets each customer’s specific technical needs, but also budgetary needs

Can I test your authentication technology?

Absolutely, we actively encourage and are very happy for our customers to benchmark our Visual-AI (Computer Vision) tech stack against other providers as we typically out-perform them.

However, as we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all system, we like to discuss your specific use case and requirements. Based on the outcome of that discussion, we then set up a live test using your own data. Once complete you receive the results and annotations in whatever format you need and we are available to discuss the specifics with you.

This is completely free, so simply get in touch to set this up.

Are validations recorded?

Yes, you can establish a system whereby validations are logged on your system as soon as the device used to scan a hologram is connected to WiFi.

Can I add new holograph labels to the index as needed?

Yes – it is simple to add new labels to the index. All you have to do is reach out to our team and we will add it for you.

Can I deploy on-premise?

Deployment can be implemented in the cloud, on-premise, and even on-device. You can even choose a combination of all three if required.This option is unique to VISUA.

Do you support On-Device deployment?

Absolutely! On-Device deployment is what makes our holographic authentication so effective and easy to use. Many of our clients view it as critical to their projects.  Please get in touch to discuss further.

How easy is it to integrate your API into a platform?

We like to think that our Visual-AI (computer vision) API is very easy to implement as part of any workflow, in fact, in most cases implementation takes as little as two hours. We have very clear API documentation also. But we are not simply an API provider, so do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have. We also implement a very thorough onboarding process and as a client you will have direct access to our team for any ongoing support questions.

Do you have documentation for your API available?

Yes, you can find very clear API documentation for our Object & Scene Detection endpoint, or indeed any of our other technologies. You can find all object & scene detection documentation here.

Do you provide pre and post sales support?

Absolutely! Unlike other solutions on the market that charge significant fees for support, or force you to reach out to third-party consultants, VISUA is proud to be much more than simply an API provider. You can get in touch with any questions you may have during your research and feasibility stage. We also implement a very thorough onboarding process and as a client you will have direct access to our team for any ongoing support questions.

Do you support academic/charity projects?

Yes, we have specific commercial initiatives to support these types of projects, although there are some qualifying requirements. Please get in touch to see if your project qualifies for support.

Do you have any supporting technical documentation?

Yes, complete technical details are available in our API Documentation.

Can I combine your holographic authentication with your other technologies?

For sure! For instance, if you combine serial numbers or QRs with holograms, we can include text detection and custom object detection in your API. You can discuss this with our team during the planning stages.

How does your authentication technology compare with other key offerings?

Every offering from each company has a slightly different focus. The differences are too numerous to outline in this FAQ. However, we have developed specific comparison documents, which are available in our comparison guide section Specifically, you can find comparisons of VISUA vs Google Cloud Vision, Amazon Rekognition and Microsoft Azure’s Computer Vision suite

If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Icon representing hologram authentication smart capture functionality
Point & Click Authentication

If you want to deploy hologram authentication to stakeholders in your supply chain, including consumers, it needs to be simple. VISUA’s authentication technology and app guides users through the process, so authentication is simple, intuitive and can be performed without receiving training.

Hologram Authentication Validates in Seconds
Validates In Seconds

When working in the field, time is precious. That’s why we developed our technology to authenticate holograms in just a few seconds!

Icon representing hologram authentication that’s deployable in the cloud, on-premise and on-device
Total Project and Deployment Flexibility

Our technology can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise and on-device, and can operate with or without a data connection. So whatever your use case and deployment requirements, we can meet your needs.

Icon representing hologram authentication that provides intelligent data sync
Intelligent Data Sync

Being able to authenticate any number of holograms in the field without a data connection is great, but it’s even better when those authentications automatically upload back to the server the moment the device has access to cellular or Wi-Fi data connection.

Icon representing hologram authentication that provides automatic model updates
Auto Model Updates

It’s critical that operatives in the field can always have the latest models in their device so they can validate the latest hologram labels. But it’s even more important that they don’t have to remember to initiate the update. That’s why VISUA delivers model updates straight to the app automatically each time it’s opened and the device is online.

Icon representing hologram authentication smart capture functionality
Smart Capture

Operatives work in both bright-light and low-light environments. So VISUA developed the Smart Capture feature to ensure that the validation process is always flawless by automatically adjusting exposure, focus and flash levels for optimal operation no matter where the operative may be.


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