Hologram Authentication

Accurate, Fast and Simple Validation Of Holograms For Brand Protection and Product Authentication Specialists

Securing Products Just Got More Secure

Holograms have become the authentication/validation device of choice for genuine products manufacturers. But they’ve become so ubiquitous that bad actors started counterfeiting them to confuse consumers as well as genuine actors in the supply chain.

Now Visual-AI enables a fast and simple way to authenticate genuine holograms in seconds, not only hardening the supply chain, but enabling a meaningful way for brands and product providers to engage consumers and track fakes wherever they appear.

Hologram for product authentication shown on server hard disk

Simple and accurate authentication anywhere

VISUA delivers authentication of any type of hologram, from the world’s most complex holograms to simpler embossed holograms. It delivers automated authentication that simply works and that you can rely on, wherever you are and on virtually any recent generation smartphone device. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-device, to operate unconnected, but with smart features that make authentication as easy as point and click!

Authenticating hologram on product with app


Icon representing hologram authentication smart capture functionality
Point & Click Authentication

If you want to deploy hologram authentication to stakeholders in your supply chain, including consumers, it needs to be simple. VISUA’s authentication technology and app guides users through the process, so authentication is simple, intuitive and can be performed without receiving training.

Hologram Authentication Validates in Seconds
Validates In Seconds

When working in the field, time is precious. That’s why we developed our technology to authenticate holograms in just a few seconds!

Icon representing hologram authentication that’s deployable in the cloud, on-premise and on-device
Total Project and Deployment Flexibility

Our technology can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise and on-device, and can operate with or without a data connection. So whatever your use case and deployment requirements, we can meet your needs.

Icon representing hologram authentication that provides intelligent data sync
Intelligent Data Sync

Being able to authenticate any number of holograms in the field without a data connection is great, but it’s even better when those authentications automatically upload back to the server the moment the device has access to cellular or Wi-Fi data connection.

Icon representing hologram authentication that provides automatic model updates
Auto Model Updates

It’s critical that operatives in the field can always have the latest models in their device so they can validate the latest hologram labels. But it’s even more important that they don’t have to remember to initiate the update. That’s why VISUA delivers model updates straight to the app automatically each time it’s opened and the device is online.

Icon representing hologram authentication smart capture functionality
Smart Capture

Operatives work in both bright-light and low-light environments. So VISUA developed the Smart Capture feature to ensure that the validation process is always flawless by automatically adjusting exposure, focus and flash levels for optimal operation no matter where the operative may be.


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