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Make pirated content unsustainable

Detect illicit streaming of protected content at a speed and scale that bad actors can’t cope with.

Too many illicit streams. No tech, or human, can monitor them all – until now.

Since technology has allowed, protected content has been pirated and rights holders have played whack-a-mole with the pirates. With the advent of streaming the problem has become exponentially bigger. The job of finding and monitoring all these illicit streams is simply too monumental for humans to tackle. Technology has helped, but it has not been agile or flexible enough to make a dent. VISUA’s content monitoring and protection Visual-AI stack finally delivers an effective solution to this challenge.

Content Projection - tiered image - illegal streaming sites

Go from ‘Whack-a-mole’ to ‘Stop-em-all’

VISUA developed a powerful Visual-AI stack that shifts the power from the pirates to the rights holders. Firstly, instant logo/mark learning means that you can begin a content monitoring campaign immediately instead of weeks. It also means that you can look for brand cues as part of the logo overlay or within the content itself. But we go further. We can detect specific imagery, such as movie/book covers, album art, TV screenshots, and artwork. And Text Detection allows us to identify specific text embedded within the stream/content. Bottom line, if the viewers can see it, we can detect it and report on it – in real-time and at massive scale.

Content monitoring digital piracy - discovery channel
Signal Outcome
Mark / Logo Detection learn more > “Discovery +” mark detected on illicit stream
Illicit stream. Block content.

Detecting illicit content at scale: it’s now possible

By enabling a world where illegal content on any stream can be identified and reported in real-time anywhere and at any scale, VISUA allows you to act faster than the pirates can react. You can shut down streams and remove content so fast the pirates are the ones that can no longer keep up! And all this is delivered in an easy to integrate technology available to you today.

Depicting the blocking of illegal content on a streaming site using Visual-AI
Think you can build it yourself?
That’s cute 😇

Protected Works

blue icon artwork tradmark protection

Logos & Marks


Overlaid Text

Blue warning icon. Risk score

Proactive Tracking

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Protected Works

Movie, TV, artist imagery, and original works can all be monitored and detected based on the overall design elements. Including exact reproduction or derivative works.

Content monitoring and protection, disney copyright protection, digital piracy

Logos & Marks

Logos, iconography and other key marks embedded within images, video and live streams can be used to flag illegal content.

Content monitoring digital piracy - discovery channel

Overlaid Text

Whether it’s known text that is part of the content that you want to find, or text added by the pirates to try to hide their streams from you, our Visual-AI can detect it and decipher it.

Lord of the rings copyright - content protection and monitoring

Proactive Tracking Without Restrictions

Content piracy has its highest demand when new content is released. VISUA’s patented Adaptive Learning Engine removes the need for lengthy model training, so content tracking can start almost immediately and proactively. It’s also when demand is highest, so we provide flexible scaling to handle unlimited volumes of search when needed and reduced volumes when not.

Content protection use case, activating brand tracking

“We were, and are, unrivalled in delivering analysis and insights for broadcast media monitoring. But we were being requested more and more for insights from visual brand mentions. We began testing various solutions and VISUA were better than all the rest by far. From the first engagement to the assistance they provided during integration, the team is as good as the tech they provide. Nobody could come close to their accuracy, adaptability and scalability.”

David Ives

CEO & Founder


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