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VISUA’s Computer Vision API Suite

VISUA provides a suite of Computer Vision (Visual-AI) technologies that can be used on their own or in combination to analyse all visual media (both images and video) in order to extract hidden insights.

Our suite can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise and was developed for enterprise platforms and service providers that require visual analysis at massive scale and at the highest levels of precision and recall.

Our suite includes:

Depiction of logo detection on sports shoes

Instant And Powerful Logo Detection For Platforms & Specialist Providers

Logo and mark detection

Our flagship technology is at the core of our Computer VIsion API. Logo and Mark Recognition is an invaluable visual signal in many industries. With VISUA’s Logo/Mark Detection technology you’re platform can offer the scale, precision and flexibility that your target market demands.

Depiction of object detection on two different product boxes

Visual Data Classification to enhance performance and value

Object and scene detection - Icon

VISUA’s Computer Vision Solution includes a Visual Classification tool that extracts the most relevant signals from media. This enables you to forget about the noise and focus on the details that matter. This technology has been specifically build for the needs of social listening and brand monitoring platforms, making it easier for your users to derive meaning data and insight, adding incremental value to your platform. It works in perfect synchronicity with our logo detection module, meaning brand specific and cross-brand analysis is also possible. 

Depiction of text detection on protest placards in an image

Visual Data Unlocking Endless Opportunities

Text Detection Icon

Our Visual-AI Text Detection technology is heightened with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which enables your platform to identify and convert embedded text within media into machine readable characters. The advanced features allow for maximum flexibility. It can be combined with any number of VISUA’s Computer Vision Solutions to reveal all of the meaning visual data you require.

Running shoe isolated

Innovation through similarity

Visual Search Icon

Visual search is a computer vision solution that separates users from their keyboards and opens a whole new world of search possibilities. Input an image and you will discover visually identical and similar images. The potential for this technology is incredible; from visual shopping to plant identification, the applications are endless.

Hologram for product authentication shown on server hard disk

The most secure way to protect your product

Object Detection Icon

Holograms are the authentication method of choice for many types of product manufactures. They have become so common across a multitude of industries that criminals have become counterfeiting them to convince consumers that their illegitimate products are the genuine article. 

This computer vision solution enables quick and simple authentication of genuine holograms in seconds. This not only hardens the supply chain, but it enables a meaningful way for providers to track fakes and engage with consumers.


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