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All the data. All the channels. No more guesswork.

Deeper, real-time insights for comprehensive, cross-platform calculation of sponsorship ROI that goes beyond the status quo.

More channels – more media – less time

Delivering meaningful sponsorship value and ROI data means going beyond the traditional channels and media, and delivering key insights in real-time. A highly desirable goal, and one that was thought impossible – until, that is, our team at VISUA developed our Visual-AI technology suite specifically created for sponsorship monitoring platforms.


Omni-channel data in real-time

Partial data sampling from traditional broadcast media is no longer sufficient to succeed. To accurately calculate Sponsorship ROI your platform needs all the data from all the channels and all media types. With Visual-AI by VISUA, you can measure broadcast, online, social and even print impressions from images and video alike, all using the same methodology. Process any stream in real time, delivering insights instantly to your platform. So now, you can compare the impact of different channels without the guesswork or sample sets, or questions about data reliability. Just solid, measurable factors across ALL the data.

Signal Placement & Value
1   Logo + Signage Placement Detection  learn more > High Value | Exposure 01:56:30
2  Logo + Court Placement Detection  learn more > Medium Value | Exposure 00:48:10
3  Logo + Net Placement Detection  learn more > High Value | 02:05:30
4  Logo + Foreground Placement Detection  learn more > Medium Value | 01:11:00
Event Sponsorship Value $5,100,745

Simple integration delivering advanced insights

Our Visual-AI API is quick and easy to integrate, with a dedicated team readily available to help. Once installed you’ll see a vast array of insights that cover the basics, like brand name, logo size/position and time on screen; to advanced details, such as share of voice, prominence, placement, clarity and visibility. This is like no other AI you’ll have used or seen – so, reach out to discover what our Visual-AI can do for you.

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Identify Value

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Drive Efficiencies

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Real-Time Data

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Maximise Deals

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Identify Unrealised Sponsorship Value

The ability to fully measure all media and channels, will allow you to calculate the incremental value of earned channels in addition to paid channels.

Sports Sponsorship on Social Media - Sponsorship Monitoring

Drive Sponsorship Efficiencies

Identify brand placements that provide the best or worst returns, allowing you to maximise the value for each placement and exposure for sponsors.


Review Near Real-Time Data

Real-time data allows you to deliver the very best outcomes for your sponsors and to maximise return during the event.

Depiction of sponsorship monitoring platform highlighting real-time brand exposure value extracted from sports coverage with Visual-AI

Maximise Future Sponsorship Deals

Better understanding past sponsorships and the value they drove enables improved value to be derived from future events.

Sports Sponsorship monitoring report

“VISUA delivers key Visual-AI technologies that have allowed us to significantly expand our offering. We can now deliver previously inaccessible visual insights to meet the evolving demands of our customers. We researched this area extensively, and VISUA delivered the most accurate data and also the most scalable to our growing needs.”

Phill Agnew

Director of Product Marketing


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