Text Detection

Flexible And Intelligent Text Detection For Platforms, Marketplaces and Specialist Providers

When words are embedded into pixels

Every word counts! But words today can be everywhere. That’s why we developed our Visual-AI Text Detection technology, which allows you to identify and convert overlaid/embedded characters within media into machine-readable text. But this is no basic OCR. With advanced features that drive maximum flexibility, and the ability to combine any number of VISUA technologies in our stack, your platform/service can expose the deepest and most meaningful brand and product intelligence.

Depiction of text detection on protest placards in an image

Easily adapt what you extract based on your use-case

This is not OCR (Optical Character Recognition). VISUA’s Text Detection is powered by cutting-edge Visual-AI, which means intelligent detection. You don’t simply get a stream of machine-readable text, you get much more. You can choose to look for specific words, phrases, content types and even content that meets particular sentiment criteria. With VISUA you get powerful and flexible features that are also simple to integrate through our comprehensive API.

Depiction of entire sentence detected and extracted from protest placards in an image



Icon representing character recognition in text detection
Character Recognition

Ability to deal with any source media format. Also recognises stylised fonts and rotated text.

Icon representing word, sentence and paragraph recognition in text detection
Word, Sentence And Paragraph Recognition

Detects and recognizes text embedded in images at word and whole sentence level. Understand paragraphs and highlights as a group.

Icon representing symbol recognition in text detection
Symbol Recognition

Recognises common non-standard characters, such as currency or special symbols &$#[email protected], most commonly used in social posts and memes.

Icon representing text detection that can be deployed at scale
Deploy At Scale, Immediately

Pre-trained library means no need to supply data or training, just use the OCR API endpoint.

Deploy at scale, quickly analysing embedded text across millions of images or videos. API query returns metadata including: image reference, found words/sentences/paragraphs, bounding box coordinates.

Icon representing text detection that works alongside logo detection
Logo Detection Compatible

This API can be used in conjunction with brand and mark detection (logo-centric) or used independently depending on your use-case and requirements.

Icons representing text detection that works on all visual media
Images and Video Compatible

Text Detection can be applied as standard to all popular formats of images and videos at scale. Lesser known/proprietary formats can also be supported as required.


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