The Visual-AI People

We put people first in everything we do. That means putting people before technology in our development and execution while being transparent and creative in our collaborations with customers and partners.

Visual-AI Enables And Liberates Humans To Do More, Create More And Discover More

Data is growing. Data is changing. For the first time in human history, the world’s data is so big and so visual, that humans can no longer cope or make sense of it. Even if they could, it would tie them up doing mundane, binary work.

We believe Visual-AI is the force that enables and liberates humans to do more, create more and discover more. It automates the binary tasks, so humans can do more of the augmented and collaborative tasks. After all, it’s when humans actually think and collaborate with colleagues that amazing things happen.

Proven Pedigree In Visual-AI

Used by global leading platforms, online marketplaces, specialist service providers and creative agencies, since 2016, our Visual-AI technology has consistently delivered the highest precision, at unlimited scale and enterprise-grade reliability and availability.

Adaptable for any visual use case, the product continues to expand to deliver ever more interesting applications.

Examples of companies that have chosen VISUA’s Visual-AI technology

Our Vision

By 2030, our Visual-AI will have been instrumental in solving three major business and societal challenges:

We will have helped cybersecurity companies to block 100% of phishing emails and spoofed sites, so companies and individuals can spend more time and money doing business & living, and less on protecting their borders.

We will have driven counterfeit product sales to be as insignificant as spam email, allowing brands to focus on growth, new brands to flourish, and the general public to be protected from unsafe goods.

We will have released the hidden intelligence for brands and driven advertising and sponsorship relevancy to 100%, taking the guesswork and waste out of marketing spend.


Our Mission

To deliver best-in-class Visual-AI for brand protection, authentication, and monitoring.
To be the technology of choice for platforms, marketplaces, specialist service providers and agencies.

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