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Enterprise-grade Visual-AI API suite:

Built to unlock the missing potential in your Brand Protection, Authentication, Monitoring and Cyber Security platform or service.
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Use Cases Powered By VISUA’s Computer Vision

Computer Vision (Visual-AI) is a branch of machine learning utilising a combination of technologies to extract key insights from unstructured visual media (images and video). Locked within this data are key insights that, once extracted and indexed, can be leveraged to enable and enhance a wealth of use cases.

VISUA’s focus is on three key business areas: Visual Protection, Visual Authentication and Visual Monitoring.

From brand protection and phishing detection to product authentication and social listening, VISUA’s computer vision solutions can help you harness the full power of visual signals to unlock the missing potential in your platform or service.

The most popular use cases for our technology suite are currently:

Depicting custom object detection of advert differentiated from general content

Computer Vision Solutions For Ad Monitoring

Ad Monitoring

Deliver the missing critical visual insights from online, broadcast and print advertising – and unlock meaningful competitor analysis.

Depiction of visual phishing risk scoring of a fake Google sign-in form _text detection in phishing protection

Computer Vision Solutions For Phishing Detection


Closing the net on bad actors, to make phishing as insignificant as spam email.

Brand monitoring with picture showing head and shoulders social media post

Computer Vision Solutions For Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring

Consumers communicate with images and video. Uncover 1,000+% more brand insights than text analysis alone.

Depicting a t-shirt with copyright and trademark infringing design

Computer Vision Solutions For Copyright & Trademark Protection


Fully automated detection of misused protected content.

Counterfeit detection with Visual-AI - Angel perfume bottle

Computer Vision Solutions For Counterfeit Detection

Visual detection of counterfeit products online at scale, so you can stop them before they ship.

Content Projection - tiered image - illegal streaming sites

Computer Vision Solutions For Content Protection & Monitoring

Digital Piracy Monitoring

Detect illicit streaming of protected content at a speed and scale that bad actors can’t cope with.


Computer Vision Solutions For Product Authentication

Product Authentication

Simple, effective, visual product authentication tool for agents and consumers.


Computer Vision Solutions For Sponsorship Monitoring

Sponsorship Monitoring

Deeper, real-time insights for comprehensive, cross-platform calculation of sponsorship ROI that goes beyond the status quo.


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