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Innovation through similarity

Visual search is the next innovation that will decouple users from the reliance on keyboards and open a new world of opportunities. Feed in an input image and you have the ability to locate visually identical or similar images, or to discover products based on similar design traits. The applications are endless and exciting, especially when paired with mobile applications.

Depicting visual search in action for trainers/running shoe

Flexibility in defining your visual search funnel

VISUA’s strength is our ability to deliver the most flexible solutions combined with our diverse technology offerings. Whether you need Visual Search to identify only exact matches or perhaps your application looks for visually similar images or products that’s doable. Want to search for similar design elements across different images? Absolutely. Ultimately, visual search is a funnel from original source image to discovered image/product. VISUA makes the implementation of that funnel simple and the discovery process fast and efficient.

Depicting visual search in action for trainers/running shoe



Visual search index icon
Build A Visual Index Of Images

Submit any volume of images to be visually indexed. Indexed images can be queried for, studied via clustering or used to train custom object detection models.

Icon representing index querying in visual search
Index Querying

The index can be fully queried to find images with similar or identical contents or having analogous style or appearance.

Icon representing visual search appearance and style matching
Appearance & Content Style Matching

Find images with analogous style or appearance, e.g. find trainers displaying a similar design or colouring in a product marketplace.

Icons representing visual search with region matching capabilities
Image Region Matching

Search by image region to focus on specific parts or objects within the image. E.g. focus on an area of the image where a product label is normally displayed in product listings.

Icon representing visual search that works alongside logo detection
Logo Detection Compatible

This API can be used in conjunction with brand and mark detection or used independently depending on your use-case and requirements.

Icon representing visual search instant results
Instant Results

As indexed image data is pre-processed, queries return instant results without any lengthy training.

Icons representing visual search that works on all visual media
Images and Video Compatible

Visual Search can be applied as standard to all popular formats of images and videos at scale. Lesser known/proprietary formats can also be supported as required.


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