Visual Phishing Detection For Anti Phishing Platforms and Providers

Detecting the undetectable

Closing the net on bad actors, to make phishing as insignificant as spam email.

Visual signals: what bad actors can’t evade

Cybersecurity companies are in an arms race with bad actors. The more technologies you put in place to detect and block phishing content, the more technologies bad actors implement to evade detection. VISUA’s Visual-AI doesn’t look at code or use fingerprints – it looks at emails and web pages with ‘human’ eyes, but at machine speed, to flag and score high-risk elements it finds, allowing phishing detection systems to prioritise further and deeper analysis.

Depiction of a fake Amazon delivery phishing email

Visual-AI built for phishing detection platforms at scale

Our phishing detection Visual-AI was developed to be integrated and work in harmony with a platform’s existing AI-based detection methods. Providing an early warning system that detects high-risk brands and other visual factors in emails and websites. Built on a dedicated and proprietary technology stack that can provide instant analysis and detection. No buzzwords or impossible promises, only results that are trusted by some of the leading anti phishing/cybersecurity platforms in the world.

Depiction of visual phishing detection of a fake Amazon payment form
Signal Outcome
1  Visual Search learn more > Site context = Payment notification email
2  Logo / Mark Detection learn more > Brand = Amazon Prime
3  Text Detection learn more > Keywords = “Payment Declined”, “Declined”, “Issuing Bank”, “Update Payment Information”
4  Custom Object Detection learn more > Update payment information button
6 Risks Identified

Integrate visual phishing detection today

Our comprehensive API makes integrating our technology easy and fast, and our solution can be provided as-a-service or on-premise to maximise speed and security. Unique use cases are also no problem thanks to the flexibility of our technology and team. This is a unique and effective solution to a growing problem and our AI is like no other you’ll have used or seen – so, reach out to discover what Visual-AI can do for you.

Depiction of visual phishing risk scoring of a fake Google sign-in form
Think you can build it yourself?
That’s cute 😇

1. Render & Capture

2. Process The Image

3. Visual Risk Scoring

Step 1

Render & Capture

Render the web page or email, save it as a flattened image and send it to our engine for processing.

Depiction of online form page rendered to a static image in first step of visual phishing detection

Step 2

Process The Image

The page is analyzed and high-risk elements or attributes are identified and flagged.

Depiction of online form page being analysed in second step of visual phishing detection

Step 3

Visual Risk Scoring

A risk score is calculated and passed, with the identified anomalies, back to the master phishing detection system for final actions.

All this happens in a second or less!

Depiction of online form page risk-scored in third step of visual phishing detection

“VISUA is a delight to work with. They approached our use case with technology that worked, a proactive approach to deep-diving all issues, and a willingness to be nimble and adjust to our needs on the fly.”

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