Computer Vision APIs: A Comparison

Comparison of Computer Vision APIs:
VISUA, Amazon Rekognition, Google Cloud Vision and Microsoft Azure

Choosing a computer vision API to add to your product is a big decision to make. To save you some of the leg work, we have examined some of the most popular computer API providers. We take a close look at the various features afforded by each provider’s API so you can decide which one suits your business requirements best.

Best Known For


  • Brand Monitoring 
  • Sponsorship Monitoring 
  • Counterfeit Detection

Amazon Rekognition

  • Celebrity Rekognition
  • Authentication
  • Crime Prevention

Google Cloud Vision

  • Text Detection
  • Landmark detection
  • Content Moderation

Microsoft Azure

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Text Translation
  • Video Analysis

Computer Vision API Features Compared

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Feature VISUA Amazon
Cloud Vision
Logo Detection
Add Logos / Marks To Library
Instant Logo Learning
Logo Library Size Unlimited Fixed Fixed Fixed
Object Detection
Scene Detection
Custom Object Detection
Visual Search
(available with AutoML)

(Migrating to Bing platform in 2024)
Image Classification (Predefined)
Image Classification (Custom)
(available with AutoML)

(available with AutoML)
Text Detection (Print)
Text Detection (Handwriting)
Content Moderation
PPE Detection
Face Detection
Sentiment Detection (face)
Face Comparison
Face Search
Image Processing / Analysis
Video Processing / Analysis
(available with AutoML)
Real-time processing
(available with AutoML)
Project Implementation Support by VISUA by 3rd-parties by 3rd-parties by 3rd-parties
Custom projects / applications support by VISUA by 3rd-parties by 3rd-parties by 3rd-parties
Deployment In The Cloud
Deployment On-Premise
Deployment On-Device
Batched Media Processing
Batched Task Processing
Freely Accessible API for Testing
Usage Model Contract Credits Credits Monthly Subscription

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The above document has been compiled by VISUA based on best efforts research using all relevant publicly available resources. Prospective users of any of these platforms should assure themselves of any requirements directly with each prospective provider prior to signing any agreements. VISUA will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions that might be detected, but will immediately correct them once notified at [email protected]

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