Detect And Index Objects And Scenes In Visual Media, From Your Platform

The Object And Scene Detection module automates the process of adding vital context to media processing by providing object and scene recognition and is an excellent addition to our core logo detection module.

Brands can now not only see where their brand is being seen online, but also understand trends in common objects that appear in that media, especially those carrying the brand in question. Importantly it can also identify the overall context of the scene.

Enterprise-Grade Object And Scene Detection For Your Application

Our Visual-AI system can return labels for many thousands of categories of objects and scenes. They include things as diverse as types of foods (from Pizza to Nachos), clothing, sports equipment and even types of animals (so not just dog, but Labrador dog or Sausage dog) and scenes such as home, beach, mountains, etc.

For example in a marketing campaign an agency may wish to first identify a brands packaging and then gain insights from the objects that surround it. Such as, understanding what foods are being eaten with a brand of beer (e.g. Nachos with Budweiser), and where most often it is consumed (e.g. Restaurant / Living Room)

This has applications many applications:

Our Visual-AI can also support very unique applications for unusual use cases, thanks to its flexibility and adaptability.

Object And Scene Detection With Maximum Benefits


Proven to deliver the highest precision and recall in both images and video. So, you get data you can count on, every time.


Detects and indexes multiple object types simultaneously, at any volume, on demand, on a proven platform, processing hundreds of billions of detections per month.


Seamlessly integrating our API is quick and easy, and if you have questions, there are real people here to help.


Unlike other one-size-fits-all systems, our Visual-AI is so adaptable, and team so experienced, our solution can be configured to meet your specific project needs.

How VISUA Powers Object And Scene Detection

Object And Scene Detection With Advanced Features And Options For Perfect Results In Every Use Case

We know that every use case is different, so our Visual-AI can be instantly customised using a combination of advanced options, to deliver the exact results you need:

Objecton and Scene Detection

Objects Classification

Classify common objects (dog, car, tennis racket, paper cup) at scale. Return multiple object labels via API with supporting data including confidence level and label hierarchy.

Objects Placement Recognition

Identify objects carrying any targeted brand or mark.


Scenes Classification

Classify any scene (sandy beach to mountain stream, subway train to a busy restaurant) at scale. Return multiple scene labels via API with supporting data including confidence level and label hierarchy
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Labels Library

The Objects & Scene module can return multiple labels from a library of thousands of pre-trained object and scene classifications for fast detection. So no additional data or lengthy training is necessary.


Custom Object/Scene Training

Custom or unusual objects and scenes can be specifically trained to meet your use-case and requirements.

Sub Classifications

Object classifications are organised as a hierarchical tree of labels and highlights their parent types within a wider taxonomy of the object and scene. This gives greater flexibility to analyse data at macro or micro levels of granularity and can be customised to your application needs. E.g. Mammal > K9 > Sausage Dog, Labrador, etc.. This can return deep details on one object (e.g. type of food “steaks” vs “soup”) but only return high-level classes for other objects (e.g. “animal” or “landscape”) as required by your use case.


Unique Semantic Metadata

Objects and Scenes recognition leverages curated semantic metadata to define connections between Objects and Scenes which are semantically related. These connections are sorted from the most concrete to the most abstract and are available for each Object or Scene recognized.

Logo Detection Compatible

This API can be used in conjunction with brand and mark detection (logo-centric) or used independently depending on your use-case and requirements.


Images and Video Compatible

Objects and scene classification can be applied as standard to all popular formats of images and videos at scale. Lesser known/proprietary formats can also be supported as required.

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