Powerful And Accurate Custom Object Detection

The Custom Object Detection module allows any 3D object to be accurately identified in any visual media.

Custom object detection is similar in principle to our Visual Search module, but extends the functionality to provide highly precise detection and comparison of any custom and unique objects, such as comparing the key elements of a product ID against similar products.

Enterprise-Grade Custom Object Detection For Your Application

With VISUA’s Custom Object Detection any 3D object can be compared against any visual source data, including both images and video. The Visual-AI learns the specific characteristics of the overall ID and the many unique attributes/facets of the product that allow accurate identification of the object in other visual media, no matter the angle, size, obscurity, and other clutter in the image.

Typical applications include:

Good examples include detecting unlicenced reproductions of a product ID or key facets of a product to enforce trademark/design rights. But it can also be used to build a creative consumer engagement campaign that recognises a specific product in advertising that you wish consumers to capture and submit in order to win prizes. However, as its name implies, this module supports very unique applications for unusual use cases.

How VISUA Powers Custom Object Detection

Custom Object Detection With Maximum Benefits


Proven to deliver the highest precision and recall in both images and video. So, you get data you can count on, every time.


Detects, matches and ranks objects at any volume, on demand, on a proven platform, processing hundreds of billions of detections per month.


Seamlessly integrating our API is quick and easy, and if you have questions, there are real people here to help.


Unlike other one-size-fits-all systems, our Visual-AI is so adaptable, and team so experienced, our solution can be configured to meet your specific project needs.

Custom Object Detection With Advanced Features And Options For Perfect Results In Every Use Case

We know that every use case is different, so our Visual-AI can be customised using a combination of advanced options, to deliver the exact results you need:

Similar Object Detection

Precisely Detect Any 3D Object

Any natural or man-made object can be modeled and detected to a high level of precision and recall, with sensitivity to dimensional variances.

Any Media Resolution

Supports any resolution of source media, from low-res to 4K.


Any Target Resolution

Detect logos as small as 0.01% of the full image size.

Matching Tolerance

Choose to detect only exact matches, (ideal for brand monitoring applications) or include close matches and loose lookalikes of brands and marks, (ideal for trademark infringement monitoring).

Custom Object Intellegence


Choose whether to receive basic binary present/not present for your detections or advanced intelligence, such as size in frame, position in frame, share of voice, time on screen (for video), etc.
Object Occlusion

Occlusion Tolerance

The level of sensitivity to obscured brands/marks can be chosen. Allows detection from zero occlusion (fully visible) to high occlusion (highly obscured or cropped).


Perspective Tolerance

Allows you to determine the sensitivity to perspective/tilt, from zero tolerance (zero degrees) to high tolerance (up to 70 degrees).

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Integrate Visual-AI Into Your Platform

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