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As a continually growing number of counterfeit products enter the supply chain, the task of identifying and stopping them becomes ever harder. Poor quality fakes continue to flood the market, with the sheer volume of packages allowing the majority to get through. Meanwhile near-perfect imitations are virtually impossible to distinguish from genuine products without training or assistive technology.

A new solution is needed. One that can deliver an easily verifiable outcome with minimal additional cost to the brand and minimal additional technology for the stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

It’s why we developed our Visual-AI Product Authentication suite to help automate and expand your offering to turn the tide against this illicit trade.

VISUA - For Visual Product Authentication & Protection

We’re the Visual-AI people powering the world’s leading product authentication providers. Why? Because our technology is proven to deliver the simplest, most effective and scalable solutions for the verification of  holograms, security foils, labels and tax stamps. We’ve built technology that  delivers the most accurate, fast and scalable detections across all authentication label types. So you can deploy  the most reliable product authentication solutions, on any platform, for your clients.

The Benefits Of Visual-AI For You


Proven to deliver the most accurate detections across all authentication label types, including holograms, security foils, labels, tax stamps and product IDs.


Verify any volume of labels at any level of complexity.


Quick and simple authentication in the field and at any point in your clients’ supply chain.


Integrating our technology suite  is quick and easy.


Deploy to any platform or device.


Our Visual-AI is so adaptable, and team so experienced, our solution can be configured to meet your specific project needs.

The Benefits Of Visual-AI For Your Customers

Your customers will benefit from the ability to identify and verify products in seconds, in the field, using a simple app on standard iOS or Android technology. So they can validate:

  • Hologram Authentication
  • Tax Stamps and Security Foils
  • Product Packaging Authentication
  • Authentic Product

Chosen By Global Leading Platforms, Marketplaces And Specialist Service Providers

Integrate Visual-AI Into Your Platform

Seamlessly integrating our API is quick and easy, and if you have questions, there are real people here to help. So start today; complete the contact form and our team will get straight back to you.