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VISUA’s new ad detection feature gives competitive advantage

VISUA’s new ad detection feature gives competitive advantage

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Release date: 22 January 2020

NEW YORK: Visual-AI company, VISUA, has launched a new ad detection feature that can accurately identify and provide specialised intelligence on visual media. The new offering will enable ad and media monitoring companies to provide greater analysis of national and geographically targeted ad campaigns. It will provide leading businesses with insights into competitor ad spend through near real-time intelligence, meaning companies can adapt their advertising strategies faster than ever before.

New York-based company VISUA revealed the new feature following recent research which revealed 40% of brands planned to increase their competitive intelligence budget. The new feature will provide accurate analysis and insights on competitor advertising activities using the company’s Adaptive Learning Engine (A.L.E.), that can scan billions of images and videos to identify brand usage.

VISUA  has become a trusted source for brand and advertising intelligence by industry leaders including, Brandwatch, Veritone, Synthesio, and RCS Media Monitors. It also offers solutions to help with brand protection, authentication, and monitoring through Visual-AI.

Today’s announcement includes significant developments in ad detection that enable VISUA b to offer other key features, including:

  • Ad format detection: This allows key details to be shared with ad monitoring companies in terms of format and dimensions of the ads, and are able to classify ads as banners, skyscrapers, etc.
  • Ad content detection: This enables VISUA to categorize the selected ad against 11,000 labels. This shares specifics on what main category that ad is for, and in-depth details such as gender, age, animals and a wide array of objects present in the ad.
  • Logo detection: Critically, the new feature is able to detect an ad whether the ad has a visible logo or not. However, where a logo is present VISUA is then able to identify which company/brand the ad relates to.Brand advertising - An old couple in the digital age

Commenting on the launch of the new visual ad detection feature, CEO and Co-Founder of VISUA, Luca Boschin, said:

“We are delighted to launch our new top-class ad detection feature as a key addition to the VISUA Visual-AI suite. With this innovation it is possible to achieve a higher level of accuracy and analysis on all forms and formats of ads than ever before. Our Visual-AI allows all of the data to be analyzed and categorized, providing ad monitoring customers with an accurate and thorough overview of competitor advertising activity. This will enable companies to deliver never-before-possible critical intelligence to their customers and will reshape the entire visual advertising industry.”



VISUA develops best-in-class Visual-AI that powers the world’s leading brand protection, authentication and monitoring platforms. VISUA delivers solutions ranging from logo/mark detection and counterfeit product detection to holographic authentication and ad detection. Its Visual-AI technology is proven to deliver the highest precision with instant learning, at unlimited scale, and is adaptable for any use case. VISUA  believes in People-First AI, they see a world where Visual-AI will lift humanity out of the mundane, empowering a society that focuses more on creativity and collaboration and less on binary tasks, and empowering services and solutions that humans alone simply can’t deliver.

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