Your Media Library Automated & Enhanced By Best-In-Class Enterprise Visual-AI

The growth in popularity of photo and media libraries has been a godsend for marketers and particularly for content contributors. But this growth brings with it challenges faced by many companies dealing with visual media...

Images need to be checked for compliance and thoroughly indexed to help improve user experience during searches. But the human resource required to check the growing volumes of media is a burden on resources. But there is a solution to this challenge...

VISUA - For Visual Media Management

From identifying brands in uploaded images and video, to helping index and categorise media through the identification of objects and overall scene, our Visual-AI is the most efficient way to automate and optimise a laborious and costly process today.

We’re the Visual-AI people powering the global leading platforms, marketplaces, service providers, and creative agencies. Why? Because our technology is proven to deliver the highest precision and recall in both image and video content, at unlimited scale, leveraging a ready-to-use massive brand library.


The Benefits Of Visual-AI For You

Automate the process of filtering images containing brands at the very highest levels of precision and benefit from advanced features to help drive better indexing granularity.


Proven to deliver the highest precision and recall in brand recognition, for any image, video or GIF.


Pick from our extensive library of tens of thousands of brands. 


Activate any new logo or mark within minutes by simply supplying a URL.


Search media for thousands of brands simultaneously at any volume.


Integrating our API is quick and easy.


Understand objects & scene data for media against thousands of categories, providing Intelligence on overall context and for objects within each scene. Additionally, overlayed ad text can be recognised using OCR.


Your business can rely on our faultless infrastructure, and our team are here for any support needs.

The Benefits Of Visual-AI For Your Users

Your customers will benefit from the ability to identify more pirated content faster than ever before:

Media Library Management - moderation

More Images Faster

Users love new fresh content. Automation of contributor media approval means you can get new media into your library faster. In fact, place our brand detection process at upload stage and you’ll never see another image or video with a brand in it again!
Media Library Management – content approval

Better Contributor Engagement

Contributors love making money and hate wasting time. Automation of contributor media approval means they get feedback in as little as minutes after upload.

Media Library Management – Object and Scene Detection

Better Indexing

Users love relevancy and they love any help in finding the perfect image or video. Object & Scene detection provides vital intelligence to make sure every smallest detail of the media is identified and indexed.
Media Library Management – Object and Scene Labelling

Easier Indexing

Contributors want to be creating great content not adding tags during upload! Expose our object and scene detection during the upload process to auto tag media.

Media Library Management – Text Detection

Just The Right Message

Sometimes only a very specific image will do. Our Optical Character Recognition will identify text in images and videos for even more granular indexing.

Chosen By Global Leading Platforms, Marketplaces And Specialist Service Providers

Integrate Visual-AI Into Your Platform

Seamlessly integrating our API is quick and easy, and if you have questions, there are real people here to help. So start today; complete the contact form and our team will get straight back to you.