Press Release: Conviva Partners with VISUA

Press Release: Conviva Partners with VISUA

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Conviva Partners With VISUA To Integrate Visual-AI Technology In Its Leading Insights Platform

VISUA’s Visual-AI suite will enhance the insights delivered to the customers of Conviva’s leading platform with key brand insights for streaming & social video.

Visual-AI leader, VISUA, is delighted to announce that Conviva has enhanced its streaming insights platform to deliver visual insights powered by VISUA’s market-leading Visual-AI technologies.

Since 2016 VISUA has led in driving the adoption of computer vision in key business sectors with its suite of Visual-AI technologies. From Logo Detection and Visual Search, to Text Detection, Object & Scene Detection, and Holographic Authentication. These technologies enable powerful visual analysis for applications as varied as brand monitoring, ad monitoring, visual content moderation, brand protection (counterfeit detection, copyright & trademark protection, and product authentication), phishing detection, and digital piracy monitoring, through VISUA’s cloud API, on-premise and on-device offering.

Conviva has a long heritage in offering solutions for online video optimization and online video analytics. Conviva pioneered and continues to define the standards for end-to-end streaming media intelligence. Built for streaming video, the Conviva platform enables you to understand and act on video and social insights for every stream across every screen, every second.

Conviva’s platform already provides comprehensive social media performance data, and now, with the addition of VISUA’s Visual-AI technology, Conviva’s client base can extract brand impression data across their social campaigns, helping them to provide deeper insights to sponsors. 

Following extensive research of various solutions, Conviva chose VISUA’s technology suite to deliver this service.

Commenting on this decision, Nick Cicero, Vice President Strategy of Conviva said, “Visual-AI makes the process of pitching, executing, and reporting on branded campaigns easier than ever before. Conviva is delighted to partner with VISUA because their technology delivered the highest level of accuracy and because of their commitment to working directly with us to continue to innovate in this space. VISUA’s leading logo detection capabilities will allow us to accelerate client branded reporting insights and expand sponsorship opportunities.” 

Declan McGonigle, VP of VISUA adds, “The continued growth in streaming media has driven a desire to gain ever deeper insights from their content and VISUA’s technology continues to be the proven best-fit solution to meet those needs. But we also see that partners look for more than just a faceless tech company. So, we’re delighted to partner with Conviva to meet their immediate computer vision needs and to continue to work with them as they continue to deliver platform innovations.”


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VISUA boasts best-in-class Visual-AI that powers the world’s leading brand protection, authentication and monitoring platforms. VISUA delivers technologies such as logo/mark detection, text detection, object & scene detection and visual search, that are used by world leading companies for applications as varied as counterfeit product detection, product authentication, brand monitoring, trademark & copyright compliance, ad monitoring and phishing detection. Its Visual-AI technology is proven to deliver the highest precision with instant learning, at unlimited scale, and is adaptable for any use case. VISUA believes in People-First AI, they see a world where Visual-AI will lift humanity out of the mundane, empowering a society that focuses more on creativity and collaboration and less on binary tasks, and empowering services and solutions that humans alone simply can’t deliver. 

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About Conviva

Conviva helps streaming businesses act within seconds of observation to grow their business ahead of competition. Conviva’s Continuous Measurement Analytics platform provides comprehensive, continuous, census-level measurement through real-time, server side sessionization at scale. Using just a single sensor and a single pipeline, our 58 patent platform enables marketers, advertisers, tech ops, engineering and customer care teams to acquire, engage, monetize and retain their audiences. Conviva is dedicated to supporting brands like DAZN, Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, Sky, Sling TV, TED and WarnerMedia as they unlock the incredible opportunity in streaming media. Today our platform processes nearly 3 trillion streaming data events daily, supporting more than 500 million unique viewers watching 200 billion streams per year across 4 billion applications streaming on devices. Conviva ensures digital businesses of all sizes can stream better—every stream, every screen, every second.

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