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Brand monitoring is a powerful tool in any marketers toolbox. From reputation tracking, to monitoring campaign engagement and future campaign planning; it adds vital data to a business. It can even deliver critical competitor analysis. But much of this data is purely visual. 

For instance, most consumer-generated content online is visual, but did you know that over 85% of logos included in this visual content have no corresponding mention in the accompanying text! This is critical data that companies and brands are eager to analyze and the brand monitoring platforms that can unlock it are the ones that will lead the market for years to come.

To achieve this, your brand & social media monitoring platform needs a reliable technology to unlock this vital intelligence…

VISUA - For Visual Brand Monitoring

We’re the Visual-AI people powering the leading brand monitoring platforms. Why? Because our technology is proven to deliver the highest precision and recall in both image and video content, with instant logo learning, at unlimited scale.

The Benefits Of Visual-AI For You


Proven to deliver the highest precision and recall in any image, video or GIF.


Understand the placements of logos in media, plus objects & scene data and overlayed text.


Pick from our extensive library of tens of thousands of brands.


Integrating our API is quick and easy.


Activate any new logo or mark within minutes by simply supplying a URL.


Your platform can rely on our faultless infrastructure, and our team are here for any support needs.


Detect one brand or thousands of brands at any volume.

The Benefits Of Visual-AI For Your Customers

Your customers will benefit from valuable consumer insights that will help them power more meaningful consumer engagements and more efficient marketing campaigns.

They’ll enjoy insights like these:

Chosen By Global Leading Platforms, Marketplaces And Specialist Service Providers

Integrate Visual-AI Into Your Platform

Seamlessly integrating our API is quick and easy, and if you have questions, there are real people here to help. So start today; complete the contact form and our team will get straight back to you.