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Visual brand mentions can unlock unprecedented consumer insights through the power of Visual-AI. Our free report shows that 88% of all mentions are visual.
  • Most social media monitoring platforms are missing 88% of brand mentions.
  • There is a 1046% increase in detection of brand mentions when text & image analysis are combined.
  • Visual mentions give brands the power to better understand consumer attitudes and needs.
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Tracking Brand Mentions Locked In Visual Media With Visual-AI / Computer Vision – Report

More Data is Great! More Insights is Better.

Social media platforms are places where people share their lives, their beliefs and the things they enjoy. They can provide critical insights into consumers’ relationships with brands.
With Social Media becoming increasingly more visual-focused, we wondered why more social media monitoring tools were not equipped to provide users with key insights.
Visual Brand Analysis using Visual-AI
Our study has shown that social media monitoring companies that aren’t providing clients with the ability to analyse images that contain their brand are denying them powerful insights that can help in planning, executing and monitoring campaigns.
This report details exactly what you’re missing if you don’t track visual mentions, why it’s valuable and how it can be addressed.
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“VISUA delivers key Visual-AI technologies that have allowed us to significantly expand our offering. We can now deliver previously inaccessible visual insights to meet the evolving demands of our customers. We researched this area extensively, and VISUA delivered the most accurate data and also the most scalable to our growing needs.”

Phil Agnew
Director of Product Marketing, Brandwatch

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