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Logo Detection For Sports Sponsorship Valuation: 5 Key Things To Consider

Logo Detection For Sports Sponsorship Valuation: 5 Key Things To Consider

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Key considerations to note when thinking about logo detection technology for sports sponsorship valuation

Monitoring brand impressions, known technically as Logo Detection, is a key component of sports sponsorship monitoring and valuation. If you’re here, you probably have some understanding of that already. However, there are a number of things you will need to consider when choosing your logo detection provider to ensure your clients are getting the highest possible accuracy and levels of insights.

At its most basic level, logo detection for sports sponsorship valuation acknowledges and accounts for the presence of a logo. However, that’s not necessarily enough to truly gauge the value of a brand impression.

Here are some key points to remember when researching and meeting with logo detection providers. 

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1. It’s not just about presence 

A logo’s presence at various times throughout the footage of an event is simply not enough to provide accurate insights. A number of important factors play a key role in understanding the impact a brand impression has in driving measurable changes in brand attitude, consideration and ultimately, purchase intent. The logo detection technology must, therefore, be able to give context to each impression. 

These factors are:

  • Time
    How long a logo is visible on screen
  • Size
    The size of the logo compared to the overall frame size
  • Prominence
    Is the logo in a prominent position in relation to the action on screen? In other words, will eyes be on the logo while on screen or is the action away from it meaning it is less likely to be noticed?
  • Clarity
    Is the logo very clear or is it blurry or highly distorted?
  • Visibility
    Is the full logo visible or is it partially cropped or hidden?
  • Share of Voice
    Is the logo on its own or is it shown along with a number of other logos?
  • Placement
    What item is the logo placed on, such as pitch-side banners, player’s shirt, cap, track bridge, seat, net, etc.

2. Advanced Processing Features

In sports sponsorship, it’s important to be able to analyze brand impressions in real or near-time. Typically, sports sponsorship monitoring platforms allow for only long-time processing, meaning that it may take days or even weeks to process the footage and deliver the insights data.. 

Real or near-time processing means that you can provide clients with statistics for every event almost as they happen. Analyzing brand exposure in this way enables clients to understand the impact of placements from moment to moment, channel to channel, putting them in a better position to understand if they need to pivot, and how. This has the potential to be revolutionary for event organisers or location owners as it can help them to improve brand exposure, recall and save money in the long term so budget is not being wasted on ineffective positioning. It also allows the running of real-time auctions from day to day at major events.  


3. Multi-channel monitoring 

Another key consideration is whether it is possible to monitor multiple channels and all media types. Sports Sponsorship valuation has evolved beyond just the analysis of sports footage. Social media now plays a huge role in how consumers and fans engage with sports and teams and can drastically increase the reach, and therefore value, of a sponsorship deal. Sports personalities also have as much, if not more, pull as a large scale event or an entire team. 

In order to accurately calculate sports sponsorship ROI your platform needs to be able to monitor all channels, from live broadcasts, to news coverage, to social media content from teams, sports personalities, and fans. This will allow sponsors to compare the influence and financial impact of different channels without any guesswork or inferences. 

4. Seamless integration

Of course it’s important to find logo detection technology that does all of these things, but it’s of equal salience that integration into your platform is seamless. This not only means that you should ask questions about whether it is necessary to change aspects of your technology in order for it to work, but also questions about the implementation and ongoing maintenance and support process. 

Will you need to hire a team or an external consultant to implement and manage the integration and subsequent management? Or will the providing company assist you with everything you need in that respect? Will you be advised about updates to the technology and models, and how will they be managed? Will cloud processing suffice or do you need on-premise deployment? Can the Visual-AI provider support the volumes of processing at the timelines you need? These are important questions to keep in mind while looking for the right solution. 

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5. Logo detection is just one metric

One misconception is putting too much emphasis on brand impressions alone. Because of this stakeholders either discount its value and role entirely or overestimate its value. 

We see brand impressions for sports sponsorship valuation in the same way as a digital marketer would value ad impressions in an ad campaign. It’s a critical and foundational metric, but you need additional data to really measure the overall effectiveness of a campaign. It is a relatively easy datapoint to gather (when the platform makes use of the right computer vision technology) because you feed it footage and social media content and it gives you back important insights. But to truly value the impact of the sponsorship you must gather and analyze a much wider range of sports sponsorship metrics to see how far the needle has moved in your favour. This requires other sources of data, that can often require first-party data gathered directly from consumers/fans. 

So, just as you might question a platform that doesn’t provide accurate brand impression data, you should also question one that relies heavily on impression data alone or has a very narrow set of metrics when providing valuations. 

Want to talk?

At VISUA, we’re all about being hands-on when it comes to implementing and managing your logo detection solution. We’re available to discuss logo detection for sports sponsorship monitoring and help you decide whether VISUA is indeed the right fit for your needs. If you are a sports sponsorship monitoring and valuation platform struggling to deliver accurate and timely brand impression data at scale, just fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch soon. In the meantime, why not try our computer vision wizard to see what solutions might work for you? 

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