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Infographic: Closing the Net on Phishing

Infographic: Closing the Net on Phishing

A glance at the challenges of anti-phishing and how Visual-AI can help

Our recently released white paper details the discoveries we made while researching online crime and phishing in particular. This infographic is a visualisation of the highlights of the document. You can read the white paper and download a copy here.

Infographic- How VISUAL AI detects Phishing

For more on anti-phishing, read how we arrived at the accidental discovery that Visual-AI could revolutise phishing detection.


Video: Visual Phishing Detection Explained

In this short video, VISUA CTO and Co-Founder, Alessandro Prest explains how visual phishing detection works. Bad actors are using every visual […]

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Press Release: VISUA Joins Open Security Alliance

Release date: January 2022 Visual-AI company VISUA Joins Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA)  Dublin and New York-based VISUA joins OCA to add computer […]

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