It’s Amazing What’s Possible With Visual-AI For Sponsorship Monitoring

It’s Amazing What’s Possible With Visual-AI For Sponsorship Monitoring

Your Brand Sponsorship Monitoring Platform Powered By Best-In-Class Enterprise Visual-AI

Sponsorship spend has enjoyed significant growth in the last decade, with 2018 global spend reaching almost $70Bn* (and sports sponsorship representing $55Bn** on its own). This growth is due to continue, so by 2025 Sports Sponsorship spend will reach a staggering $86.6Bn**

Despite this spend, brands still struggle to adequately and scientifically evaluate the return on their spend. Analysis often relies on outdated advertising methodologies and is based on sample data. But not anymore!

Now you can extract key data from video feeds, social media, press coverage and any other channels broadcasting/publishing visual media.

* Statista, 2019

** BrandEssence, 2019

VISUA – For Visual Brand Sponsorship Monitoring

We’re the Visual-AI people powering the leading brand sponsorship monitoring platforms. Why? Because our technology is proven to deliver the highest precision and recall in both image and video content, with instant logo learning, at unlimited scale.


The Benefits Of Visual-AI For You


Proven to deliver the highest precision and recall in any image, video.


Understand the placements of logos in media, plus objects & scene data and overlayed text.


Detect one brand or thousands of brands at any volume.


Integrating our API is quick and easy.


Activate any new logo or mark within minutes by simply supplying a URL.


Your platform can rely on our faultless infrastructure, and our team are here for any support needs.

The Benefits Of Visual-AI For Your Customers

Your customers will benefit from more accurate, scientific and timely data to deliver valuable sponsorship insights that will help them understand the true exposure from their sponsorships and power more meaningful future brand sponsorship campaigns.

Ultimately, this means , so they can:

Accurately Calculate ROI

No more guesswork or sample sets, or questions about how reliable the data is. Calculate ROI based on solid, measurable factors across ALL the data.

Maximise Future Sponsorship Deals

Better understanding of past sponsorships and the value they drove enables improved value to be derived from future events.

Calculate Multi-Channel Exposure

Measure broadcast, online, social and even print impressions, all using the same methodology.

Review Near Real-Time Data

Real-time data allows you to deliver the very best outcomes for your sponsors and to maximise return during the event.

Drive Sponsorship Efficiencies

Identify brand placements that provide the best and worst returns, allowing you to maximise return for you and exposure for sponsors.

Identify Unrealised Sponsorship Value

The ability to fully measure all media and channels, will allow you to calculate the incremental value those sources and channels deliver.

Integrate Visual-AI Into Your Platform

Seamlessly integrating our API is quick and easy, and if you have questions, there are real people here to help. So start today; complete the contact form and our team will get straight back to you.

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