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4 Ways Brands can Use a Logo Recognition Tool

4 Ways Brands can Use a Logo Recognition Tool

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Why logo recognition?

Does your current platform or product provide a logo recognition tool for your clients? If not, you might want to consider investing in one. Logo recognition technology can assist brands in many ways, depending on their use case. Whether that’s Social Listening or Brand Protection, or simply to automate manual services to make their processes more efficient, there are many reasons why brands should be using a logo detection tool. Suppliers of these tools can range from Social Media Monitoring to Sports Sponsorship Monitoring companies, so there are a variety of verticals in which this technology can be used.

Here are four ways in which brands can benefit from a logo recognition tool and why your company should be the one to provide it.

Video monitoring sports sponsorship

1. Social Media Monitoring:

Social Media Monitoring is a very important marketing strategy for brands to implement. There are a ton of Social Media Monitoring and Social Listening tools out there, but not so many provide what’s known as Visual Listening. With Visual Listening, brands can uncover information and insights about their audience that they wouldn’t have had the ability to do with text-based listening tools alone. Using logo recognition technology, Social Media Monitoring companies can offer their customers a Visual Listening tool through a simple API integration.

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Over 80% of images on social media containing a brand’s logo don’t mention that brand in the accompanying text. Brands can find images and videos containing their logos published to various social media platforms without the need for a tag mention or hashtag from the user. Visit our website to find out more about logo recognition for Visual Listening and why our technology should be the one you choose.

2. Measuring Sports Sponsorship ROI:

When it comes to Sports Sponsorship, measuring ROI has been a task many brands have struggled with over the years. Logo recognition technology offers a solution to this quandary. Using this form of Artificial Intelligence, sponsors can detect where a logo appears during any sports game, how often it appears, and who is sharing clips containing these logos on social media. This also helps when it comes to Social Media Monitoring as brands can find out how consumers are engaging with their brand both during and after a game.

counterfeit detection visual ai use cases

3. Counterfeit Detection:

Counterfeiting has become a major epidemic within the world of retail and e-commerce. Ever since consumers have been purchasing goods online, counterfeiters and fraudsters have gotten away with deceiving them time and time again. This has caused major economic repercussions as well as mar the reputation of legitimate brands. It has even put consumers in danger as many fake products contain harmful components or ingredients.

A logo recognition tool can help solve this by detecting and eliminating e-commerce listings containing fake logos before any potential customer has the opportunity to purchase them.

4. Brand Protection:

Similarly, adding a logo recognition tool to a Brand Protection strategy can help find fraudulent or harmful content involving a brand online. If over 80% of branded images don’t include a textual mention of that brand, logo recognition becomes very important in order to resolve any issues a user may express about a particular brand or their products online.

In addition, if a counterfeiter or fraudster wants to imitate a brand in any way using their logo, a logo recognition tool can find it quickly and easily. This will allow the brand to act promptly to remove or report the content before causing any major and irreversible damage to their image.

So, logo recognition technology can indeed be a very helpful addition to many platforms to help brands with various issues and tasks. Brands can benefit greatly from this technology, but it’s important for their services to provide it to them.

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