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What Will Logos Look Like in the Future?

What Will Logos Look Like in the Future?

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In order to answer the question “what will logos look like in the future?”, we need to examine the future of graphic design. Let’s take a look at some trends that we have predicted will be prevalent in the future of logo design.

1. Simple and minimalist logos:

Contemporary design, including logo design, features a lot of minimalism and simplicity. Taking a more abstract and minimalist approach to logo design is becoming more and more popular, probably due to how striking a bare-bones design is. Going forward, simplistic logos will allow companies to let their brands speak for themselves without having to be loud and flashy in a sea of noisy logos. While intricate designs have worked well in the past, stripped back logos will likely be very effective in the future.

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2. Logos that utilize negative space:

The use of negative space in logo design will also be popular among designers in the future. The most famous example of this type of logo design would probably be FedEx and the hidden arrow within the negative space between the “E” and the “x” in its logo. It also allows consumers to interact with a brand, as we’ve seen with Toblerone’s logo. Consumers were surprised to find a hidden bear within the negative space of the mountain portion of the logo, making it a talking point for brands to pose to their customers. We will expect to see logo designers continue to make use of negative space in the future as well.

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3. Graphic logo designs:

Although minimalist logos and logos that use negative space are already prominent in the design world, motion graphic logos are something that we haven’t really seen much of yet. But we are beginning to, all thanks to the advancement of technology. Before digital technology, logos were only displayed on physical objects, which meant that changing them was far more difficult, not to mention expensive. But now, logos can be seen everywhere, particularly online, which makes change a whole lot easier and cheaper.

Rather than having a static logo, ‘graphical frameworks allow logos to move and change which gives brands the freedom to start a conversation beyond its own name or logo mark. And we are already seeing this logo design trend being utilized today. Google’s logo on its homepage changes and moves depending on what’s going on that day, such as, a historical figure’s birthday or a special holiday. And it’s no surprise that motion graphics are making their way into the logo design realm, as the likes of GIFs have become increasingly popular on social media.

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4. Variable logos:

Variable logos are marks that modify depending on which group a brand is talking to. In terms of marketing and branding, this makes perfect sense. If we want to target different groups of people, a brand’s messaging has to reflect that audience’s needs. And what better place to start than with your logo? We will expect to see even more variable logos in the future as it’s becoming easier and cheaper for designers to modify a brand’s logo for multiple target audiences. It will also allow brands to change things up without completely scrapping their original logo’s blueprint.

These are just some of the trends we should expect to see in the next few years of logo design. Of course, there will be many many more that will surface as design technology continues to progress. If you want some more examples, DesignCrowd has a great analysis of their predictions, showcasing some of their own logo designs that they will expect to see in the future.

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