Visual Threat Detection For Phishing Detection Platforms

Examples of visual analysis with computer vision

for detection of brand spoofing and graphical attack vectors in emails and web pages

It’s about what we see…

Leading phishing & threat detection companies have integrated our visual detection technology alongside their existing programmatic detection stack. The combination of visual and programmatic detection has delivered significant increases in detection rates. Here’s why…

VISUA’s unique methodology for the deployment of computer vision in phishing detection involves analysing emails and web pages visually rather than programmatically. To this end the email/web page is rendered into a flat image file and sent to our computer vision system for processing.

The examples above show emails and web pages that were processed using multiple technologies to detect and report on the various potential visual threats.

The bounding boxes are illustrative to highlight each detection. The JSON data shows the specifics of each detection, which can be integrated into any phishing/threat detection stack. Simply click on the “View Table” button to see a summarised outline of the detections.

How does it work?

Watch this short video where our CTO and Co-Founder Alessandro Prest gives some valuable detail about how visual phishing detection works.

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