Custom Object Detection

Flexible Detection Of Any Type Of Physical Or Digital Objects For Platforms, Specialist Providers & Agencies

Visual data: endless and surprising opportunities

Visual applications are booming! Visual search, visual monitoring/classification, visual authentication and visual consumer engagement are all enabled by, and have one thing in common: Custom Object Detection.

From physical 3D objects, patterns & designs, to digital elements – there are virtually no limits to the opportunities that can be discovered using custom object detection, such as holographic authentication, ad monitoring, visual filtering in e-commerce, and much more.

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Speed & flexibility to achieve actionable results

Don’t get bogged down in complicated and lengthy model training. Enjoy the speed-to-market and flexibility that VISUA delivers. Our purpose-built, proprietary Visual-AI stack helps deliver solutions fast, with minimal training, and maximum flexibility. All thanks to creative/smart visual recognition and team-thinking.

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Precisely Detect Any Object

Any natural or man-made object can be modeled and detected to a high level of precision and recall, with sensitivity to dimensional variances. Equally, any form of design or graphical element that follows a consistent theme can also be modeled. From shoes to web ads, and holograms to creme eggs – we can detect it all.

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Powerful Engine With Total Project Flexibility

Our solution offers many options to meet every type of project: Choose to receive basic binary present/not present for your detections or advanced intelligence, such as size in frame, position in frame, etc. Choose to detect only fully visible objects or include those partially obscured too. Also, determine the sensitivity to perspective/tilt, from zero tolerance (zero degrees) to high tolerance (up to 70 degrees).

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Any Media Resolution and Type

Supports any type of static and video media, and any media resolution, from low-res to 4K.

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Any Target Resolution

Detect logos as small as 0.01% of the full image size.

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