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With millions of ads going live every day, across web, broadcast, streaming and print channels, how can any ad/media monitoring company adequately identify, categorise and report on all this activity?

Scraping and capturing pages is easy, but having an army of humans reviewing all this content to find the ads is impossible, cost-prohibitive, and an utterly mundane task. So, are advertisers destined to have to live with incomplete data? Not anymore.

VISUA - For Visual Ad Monitoring

Now you can identify all ads on all channels and extract key advertising data, allowing you to provide complete and comprehensive reporting of any company’s , and their competitors’, advertising strategy.

We’re the Visual-AI people powering the leading ad and media monitoring platforms. Why? Because our technology is proven to deliver the highest precision and recall at unlimited scale, in images and video content.

The Benefits Of Visual-AI For You

The most effective and scalable ad and logo detection service available with advanced features and intelligence to drive vitally needed insights.


Proven to deliver the highest precision and recall in both ad format detection and brand recognition, any image, video or GIF.


With brand detection included, simply pick from our extensive library of tens of thousands of brands.


Ad formats and dimensions are automatically detected and classified into ad types, such as banner, MPU, skyscraper, etc.


Detect any volume of ads and brands with flexible scalability.


Understand objects & scene data for ads against thousands of categories, providing  overall ad context and objects within each scene. Additionally, overlayed ad text can be recognised using OCR.


Integrating our API is quick and easy.


Activate any new logo or mark within minutes by simply supplying a URL.


Your platform can rely on our faultless infrastructure, and our team are here for any
support needs.

The Benefits Of Visual-AI For Your Customers

Your customers will benefit from valuable insights from a much larger sample of data than possible using purely human tracking and categorising. With a complete set, rather than a sample, your clients will enjoy reliable data on:

ad monitoring competitor monitoring

Competitor Ad Monitoring

Understand how and where competitors are advertising, even broken down regionally, along with their creative, key messaging and offers.

Partner/Reseller Ad Monitoring

They might be working to sell a brand’s products/services, but knowing the channels and geographies for ads and how their resellers are positioning and using visual assets is critical.


Ad Verification

Ad placement isn’t always straightforward, so being able to track where ads have been placed is important. But in some regions, verify that TV channels and print publications have shown the ad is critical.

Accurate Spend Benchmarking

With all the data in-hand, your customers can now get highly accurate competitor spend analysis.


Share of Voice Analysis

Having all the data also means you can accurately determine share of voice across channels and geographic regions.

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Integrate Visual-AI Into Your Platform

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